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Just say its name and you’ll hear a ripple of accolades telling swooning tales of the taste left from a Killer Brownie®—a trademarked tradition for 26 years and counting. Choose from nine varieties to suit your palate, or stick with The Original. In each, you’ll find a three-tiered stack of gooey goodness. A single Killer Brownie® (weighing in at approximately 1/3 lb) can serve four—or less if nobody is looking. Take your pick!

The Original

Our most popular item! As the name implies, it all started here, with The Original. Layers of scrumptious chocolate brownies chock full of pecans sandwich a blanket of velvety caramel. In the mood for something big, rich, and chocolatey? Available in:

German Chocolate

This is the only brownie in our Killer Brownie® family that is made without caramel. Instead, it is topped with German Chocolate icing containing coconut, almonds, and pecans. Available in:

Salted Caramel

We take our Original Killer Brownie® and sprinkle a touch of coarse sea salt into the rich, buttery caramel. The perfect blend of sweet and salty! Available in:


We add extra chocolate chips to this form of the Original and, as the name indicates, we skip the nuts. Available in:


Our twist on this childhood favorite layers strawberry preserves and creamy peanut butter on our oh-so delectable Killer Brownie®! Available in:

Cream Cheese

A layer of cream cheese in the middle of an Original gives this brownie a taste all its own. Available in:

Blonde Ambition

Blondes have more fun! Forget brunette brownies with this combination of macadamia nuts, Heath mix, and white chocolate added to caramel and a sweet blonde brownie. Available in:


A tasty combination of Not-A-Nutter and the classic, chocolate chip cookie. It has multiple layers of chocolate brownie with rich, gooey caramel and chocolate chips, topped off with a thick layer of chocolate chip cookie. Available in:

Assorted Varieties

Love 'em all? Get a variety of our favorites in a gift tin or party tray. Available in:

Peanut Butter

A swirl of mouth-watering peanut butter combines with creamy caramel—all stacked between a brownie infused with peanuts. Available in:

wear it

The Killer Brownie® itself is mighty scrumptious and disappears way too quickly. Check out these unique wearables for a lasting way to show your zest for this delectable favorite.

Baseball Cap

This hat has an adjustable strap and is sure to draw attention from fellow Killer Brownie® fans.



Available in multiple sizes, this Killer Brownie® T-shirt is perfect for any enthusiast. It’s made of cotton and wears the Killer Brownie® logo that’ll certainly be a conversation-starter.


Reusable Bag

Take the Killer Brownie® message with you wherever with this reusable tote. Perfect for your shopping, the farmer’s market, or when traveling, this sturdy tote is sure to please.


Shout Outs

"I've been wasting my whole life on bad desserts until now."
– Rachel H. Loveland, OH, 18-year-old dessert aficionado

"Just wanted to drop you a quick email and thank you for the Killer Brownie®. I got them yesterday and they did not survive to see the light of day today. In other words....they were delicious!"
– Matt, Dayton, OH

"#WeakFor the Dorothy Lane Market killer brownie. The greatest invention since the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition"
– @gilmore_danny, via Twitter

"In a down year in store sales, bakery sales were up in 2009 thanks to Killer Brownie®!"
– Douglas, Rice Epicurean

"With a purchasing budget I always place my Killer Brownie® order first as I know they are important to my sales and I hardly ever have any shrink with the brownies!"
– Gina, Westborn Market

"I just got back to the office and was delighted to see the Killer Brownie® that you sent. I devoured one last night and I am still digesting it...What a culinary experience."
– Patrick, FMI

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Killer Brownie® is a unique, high-quality brownie your customers will love! Some of the many benefits of partnership include:

  • Versatile for your service case, your gift tins, as well as party trays.
  • Easy-to-use, fully prepared product with great shelf life.
  • On-site help with marketing and initial rollout.
  • Greatly increase the profitability and draw of your bakery!

our story

Some 30 years ago, when we were teenagers, my siblings and I came home to a small brown bag on the kitchen counter with a special treat inside. My dad said, "Try that; it's a killer brownie." My dad is a lifelong lover of food who operates Dorothy Lane Market, a speciality food supermarket in Dayton, Ohio. He would use the term "killer" to describe anything over the top, so we simply thought he was describing this decadent, gooey treat. After trying it, we agreed, it was a "killer brownie"! Dad smiled and said, "No, really. That is the brownie's name! We are going to start making these in the Bakery — The Original Killer Brownie®".

And so began decades of growing affection for this big, yummy, tripled-layered treat that came to represent any special occasion in our home. For brownie lovers everywhere, I invite you to enjoy and share this little piece of indulgence and start your own story…

Chimene Mayne Ross

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